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Crofton Park & Honor Oak Park Mutual Aid

Community helping community. If you’re self-isolating in Honor Oak Park or Crofton Park you’re not alone. We’re here to help, just click below.


Mutual Aid

Owing to the Coronavirus / Covid-19 the public services that we normally rely on simply aren’t able to cope. Around the country communities are getting together to try to support members of their community who need help. It’s called Covid Mutual Aid. If you’re over 70, have a health condition that requires you to self-isolate, or have a similar reason for needing assistance, please reach out.

We’re all volunteers, and we’ll probably make mistakes, but we don’t want you to suffer in silence.

We are a group of Honor Oak Park and Crofton Park neighbours pulling together to offer some support during this crisis. If you need someone to run an errand, pick up some essentials from the shop, walk the dog, or you just need a chat – we will try to help, or find someone who can.

Local Help

To try and ensure we’re helping people as effectively as possible, we are responding on the basis of the ward you live in. The ward you live in, determines where you vote. So if you vote in one of these 6 locations, we can help (check the map below the list if you’re uncertain).

If you’re not in any of these wards, we’re not going to be able to help you, but there are many other mutual aid groups, so please check our links page to find help.

DCR1 Stillness Junior School

Brockley Rise, SE23 1NH

DCR2 Prendergast Ladywell Fields College

Manwood Road, SE4 1SA

DCR3 Beecroft Garden Primary School

Beecroft Road, SE4 2BS

DCR4 The Undercroft St Hilda’s Church

Brockley Road, SE4 2DH

DCR5 St Saviour’s Church Hall

69 Brockley Rise, SE23 1JN

DCR6 Adult Learning Lewisham

Brockley Rise Centre, Brockley Park, SE23 1PR

For help, call us with your DCR number on 07595 614832

Updates from the neighbourhood

As we find resources or can share information on developments in our local area, we’ll pop them here. Please note some advice or information may be right at time of publishing, so please check the date when the blog was written. See the full blog by clicking this.

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